Nupe Block Party

The Brothers of the Hickory (NC) Alumni Chapter believe that it’s past time to step up and make a positive statement in our communities.

They have done that in a way that the world now recognizes because of a video that recently went viral on the internet. The Rev. Al Sharpton commented on it on his MSNBC show PoliticsNation; USA Today had an article on it; it was on People magazine’s web site,, and countless TV stations across America showed it.

The video, which now has more than 8 million views worldwide and continues to be viewed, shows police officer David Lee doing the “Wobble” at a community block party in June. There would have been no block party if not for the vision of chapter Polemarch Steve Davenport and the support of the chapter’s members. It was hosted under the auspices of the chapter’s Kappa Leaguers as part of the chapter’s Guide Right initiative.

“Normally, the only time when the African American community and police interact is when there is something wrong,” said Davenport. “The whole concept of this event is to come together when nothing is wrong. We can actually co-exist. We can have fun and just be people.”

Approximately 250 people attended the first block party, including Kappa Leaguers Ty Williams, Seneca Lytle, Malyk Freeman, Quieseon Shuford, and Gabe Coulter.

“The success of the event, I believe, was due in large part to the timing of it,’ said Davenport, who worked with the Hickory Police Department to get it involved. “The Charleston shooting happened the night before, onJune 17. I believe the entire nation needed something positive to look too, especially as it pertains to race.” Activities for the youth included corn hole toss, basketball, outdoor recreation, like swings and slides, and of course, dancing with two DJs.

There were free hot dogs and snow cones for the kids as well as bottled water for anyone who wanted it, courtesy of Nupe Dr. Michael Wimberly, a Hickory dentist.

The chapter is hosting a summer-long campaign of block parties. The next one was scheduled for July 9. “It will be awesome,” said Davenport.” We estimate twice as many people as last time and more fun.”