Kappa League



Kappa Alpha Psi’s national campaign to promote the academic, social and service based Achievements of young men. It is an aggressive counter to the negative stereotypical images that have generalized and stigmatized young males for decades and provides a strong argument that throughout this country exists thousands of young men are achieving in Every Field of Human Endeavor.


The Kappa League campaign, will expose young men across the nation to an intense college preparatory and scholarship access program. Through innovation and old fashion hard work, the Kappa league will carry out its mission by leveraging participants’ talents , remediating their deficiencies and provide greater access to potential financial support in order to make obtaining a college degree a reality.

The Three Goals of Kappa League

  1. To implement a rigorous college preparation program focused on increasing the post-secondary opportunities for Kappa Leaguers
  2. To provide greater ACT/ SAT test preparation resources to improve the testing outcomes of Kappa Leaguers
  3. To provide educational scholarships for each graduating class of Kappa Leaguers and to increase the access to scholarship opportunities for Kappa Leaguers nationally.