Undergraduate Chapters

The Alpha Phi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

The Virginia State University Chapter, the Alpha Phi (E) of Kappa Alpha Psi, was founded at Virginia State College on March 30, 1935 by William Thomas Carter. It’s charter members include Marcellus Winston, John M. Hunter, Thomas Verdell, James A. Johnson, and A. Rouse, with the help of the The Virginia Union University Chapter, the Alpha Gamma (E), and a delegation of brothers from the Washington (DC) Alumni Chapter.The Alpha Phi Chapter has produced outstanding brothers such as Billy Taylor and Reginald Lewis who, through leadership and training, have made significant contributions to the African-American community. Because of the Alpha Phi Chapter’s reputation for making great brothers and it’s legendary hospitality, it is know as “The Beast of the East” and is seen as a beacon of light throughout all of Kappadom